VST Basket 22 Gram Ridgeless

VST Basket 22 Gram Ridgeless

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We recommend this basket for brewing coffee with doses 20-22g. Our usual QC is 20g in this basket. They fit in LaMarzocco, Rocket, Rancilio, and high end Breville, Sunbeam and Delonghi machines.

These popular baskets fit in most home machines and pretty much all commercial machines. The production tolerances for the holes are a lot tighter than the standard baskets your machine will come with, this leads to a more even extraction which makes your shots more repeatable and increases clarity. Making dialling in a lot easier and saving you coffee.

Note: This basket has no locating ridge. This means you can remove it to clean the portafilter a lot easier but you'll need to have a knockbox with a tube. Otherwise if you bang out spent espresso pucks into a bin the basket might fall out which gets annoying.


NB: check the measurement of your current baskets and handles to assure correct fitting. Feel free to email brewers@thenewparadigm.com.au if you're unsure.

Why we like VST:

All VST Filters are warranted for zero defects.

100% of holes are measured on every filter for minimum and maximum range limits on area and diameter. The basket comes with the measured Total Open Area (TOA) in the box on a piece of paper.

All holes are measured for circularity, placement, square area and blocked holes.

Filters are matched for total square opening to +/- 5% to ensure identical group-to-group performance (typical filters vary from - 50 to +100%).

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