Damo Anaerobic
Damo Anaerobic
Damo Anaerobic
Damo Anaerobic
Damo Anaerobic
Damo Anaerobic
Damo Anaerobic
Damo Anaerobic
Damo Anaerobic
Damo Anaerobic
Damo Anaerobic

Damo Anaerobic

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Roasters note: This is such a rare unique coffee experience from when you open the bag to when you finish the last cold drops, it typifies the new trend of "coffee that doesn't really taste like coffee". Regarding the price; the green coffee costs over twice the price of our usual range because of the extra attention it has received during harvesting and processing which adds costs for the producers and, in turn, us.

Background: Daye Bensa was established in 2006 by two brothers, Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo who had been working as coffee suppliers from the Sidamo region. This micro lot grows on the slopes of the Shanta Golba Mountain with an elevation of 1860 – 2160 masl, this high altitude adds an acidity not often found with experimental processing lots.

Damo Station acquires red cherries from nearby farmers and processes them in a variety of ways. This lot is anaerobically processed using African beds and fermentation tanks. They also have compost and a dedicated eco-friendly sanitation station for washed processing wastage and natural treatment.

The station provides working opportunities for 100 people, provides the main income for the 381 nearby farmers during coffee harvesting seasons and pays 20-30% more than the average amount for coffee producers.

The varieties in this lot have also had genetic testing to determine exactly what type of heirlooms they are.


Bensa, Sidamo

74110, 74112, 74158


Asefa Dukamo Korma

Damo village outcroppers

Damo processing station

Daye Bensa

Espresso & filter


Fruit punch, papaya, tropical fruits with light white rum. Really balanced and complex while still being interesting. We’ve had multiple people just describe it as like being in Hawaii.

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