Ecuador Cruz Loma Washed
Ecuador Cruz Loma Washed
Ecuador Cruz Loma Washed

Ecuador Cruz Loma Washed

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This coffee is a good example of why Ecuadorian Typica coffees are a favourite of modern roasters; their intense sweetness, delicate florals and balance which allows them to be considered "daily drinkers". Ecuador has always also been a favourite origin of small specialty roasters as their minimum wage for workers is very high compared to other producing countries so their coffee is generally more ethical but more expensive and not for the mass market.

This farm in the San José de Minas area of Pichincha state has been family run for generations, with Grace producing clean floral washed coffees and her brother Galo producing the more experimental process coffees. This lot is 100% Typica and is very well processed so we can roast it to a light degree without much variation bean to bean.



AREA San José de Minas Pichincha



PRODUCER Galo & Grace Morales

FARM Finca Cruz Loma

MILL Processed on site

OWNER The Morales family



Floral aroma, tropical fruit and almond flavour, long lasting pleasant jasmine green tea and bergamot finish.

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