Grinders we rate

These are grinders we've used and serviced and are great value for money.

We've used and repaired dozens of home grinders and asked a handful of independent technicians which grinders they recommend. We all had very similar conclusions

For home espresso:

These grinders don't break, are very easy to change burrs and produce a good grind consistency allowing proper pressure and consequential hydrolysis to occur.

Anfim KS

Mazzer Mini, Super Jolly & Major

Niche Zero
(still new but feedback and tests went very well).

Mazzer Robur

Mahlkonig EK43/EK43s

For home filter brewing:

These grinders don't break easily and have a narrow standard deviation of particle sizes when grinding. These are what we use at home.

Baratza Encore & Virtuoso
$200 & $300
Ensure you get the M2 burrs
Not recommended for espresso

Breville Smart Grinder Pro
Not recommended for espresso due to limiting the lifespan.

Baratza Forte

Mahlkonig EK43/EK43s

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