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Julio Madrid’s Finca Milán is located in Vereda El Hogar in the municipality of Pereira in Colombia’s Risaralda growing region. The farm is near the Los Nevados Natural National Park, a 58,300 hectare reserve that surrounds the northern volcanic complex formed by Nevado del Ruiz volcano. Here, Finca Milan rests 1600 meters above sea level, receiving temperatures year-round of 18–28°C which contributes to the quality climate conditions found on the property

Julio Cesar Madrid Tisnés is a third-generation coffee producer and has dedicated himself to the production of quality coffees. Julio’s daughter, Maria Antonia Madrid, is a biologist who has researched the organoleptic impact of using microbial starter cultures in coffee fermentation, helping Julio to improve his processing methods.

This lot of Pacamara underwent Natural processing. Cherries are harvested with an average sugar content of 24°–28° Brix and with a pH between 5.6 and 5.9. The cherries are then fermented in their collection bags for 24 hours prior to being floated to remove unripe fruit and other defects. The fermented cherries are dried in direct sunlight for 5–6 days and then dried in the shade for 20 days to reach the ideal humidity.


COUNTRY Colombia

AREA Vereda El Hogar, Pereira , Risaralda


PROCESSING Natural, sun dried

PRODUCER Julio Cesar Madrid

FARM Finca Milán

MILL On site

OWNER Julio Cesar Madrid

ROASTED FOR Espresso & Filter


TASTING NOTES: Raspberry and floral fragrance, winey aroma, well structured tart raspberry acidity, white and milk chocolate throughout and on the long lasting finish.

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