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Gachiru AA

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Roasters Note: This is quite a complex coffee for what AA grade Kenyans usually are but it’s still quite clean and has easy to distinguish flavours. There are 2 main differences in Kenyan coffee processing that make it unique and give it this profile.

1. The grading. To grade coffee in Kenya they sort the beans into grades based on the size of the beans. AA consists of beans between the diameters 7.2mm & 8.4mm. When you open the bag you'll see that they're very uniform which helps a lot with flavour clarity when roasting and brewing.

2. The double soak. Washed Kenyan coffee undergoes 2 fermentation stages. First it is pulped and heavily fermented with minimal water for 12-24 hours and then it’s cleaned in tanks again but with fresh clean water. This second wash is a long slow process with minimal ferment which adds to the low fermented flavours and the increased uniformity of the coffee.


Gachiru Estate is located on the Aberdares slopes, between the Abardere mountains & the southwest slopes of Mount Kenya pn the central highlands of Kenya. James Gakuru Ngobia and his family tends to the 8 acre coffee farm.

The coffee undergoes all steps of the primary processing at the same small farm it is picked at. It is pulped using a drum pulper, before it is fermented overnight to break down the sugar. It is then cleaned and double washed in channels before being spread out on raised drying tables.

Drying times depend on climate and ambient temperature, but the process can take up to 3 weeks as at night and during very hot periods, the coffee is covered up with cloths as so that the drying process is even accross all beans.



1904 masl

SL28 & Batian


James Ngobia

Gachiru Estate

Milled on site

Toffee apple aroma, carries over to the flavour well. Apple acidity, golden raisin and allspice flavours and finish.

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