Guatemala San Gerado
Guatemala San Gerado
Guatemala San Gerado
Guatemala San Gerado

Guatemala San Gerado

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This coffee has quite an interesting taste, the spice and pear are something different to what you'd expect 100% bourbon lots to be but it works well.

Finca San Gerado is a 70 hectare, family owned coffee farm near lake Amatitlán, one of Guatemala's largest lakes.

The owners, the Starry family, have grown various commercial crops here since the late 1800's. Nowadays they just commercially grow coffee, specifically shade grown bourbon and typica varieties and fully wash their harvests and dry on raised beds or patios.

This farms' quality comes down to checking sugar content daily in the January to March harvest period, only picking cherries when ripest, the volcanic soil it's grown on and having consistent weather and rain due to the large body of water nearby. They also weed by hand and use holistic methods of pest control for borer beetles.

Image provided by San Gerado Coffee


COUNTRY Guatemala

AREA Guatemala state



PRODUCER Paul Starry

FARM Finca San Gerado

MILL Processed on site

OWNER Paul Starry

Roasted for Espresso & Filter

Floral and spice aroma, apple and pomegranate acidy upfront, with a nuts, pear and aniseed finish.

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