Kecho Anderacha Lot 2 Honey
Kecho Anderacha Lot 2 Honey
Kecho Anderacha Lot 2 Honey
Kecho Anderacha Lot 2 Honey
Kecho Anderacha Lot 2 Honey

Kecho Anderacha Lot 2 Honey

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This coffee comes to us via Telila, a privately owned washing station located in Western Ethiopia. Mike Mamo the owner is actually a partner in Osito Coffee, the exporter we bought this coffee from.

For this lot, upon delivery of the cherry, it is pulped, fermented shortly overnight and then spread on the traditional drying tables for 18-20 days. This leads to slightly increased sweetness (and arguably body) without adding fermentation notes as the wet fermentation is short and at a low night time temperature.

The lots are also carefully separated by the kebele upon arrival at the washing station, an unusual and impressive practice that sets Telila apart from others in the Ethiopian coffee industry. By separating and individualising the lots each one has cleaner and easier to distinguish flavour notes.

Last year Osito added a donation of (USD) 10¢ for every pound purchased from Telila CWS to go towards kickstarting some much needed projects at Kacho Tulla Primary School, located near Telila CWS. Addis Exporter and Telila CWS continue to help manage these funds, along with school leadership, as well as continue to contribute to the school from money acquired through the sale of these coffees.

Images provided by Osito Coffee


COUNTRY Ethiopia

AREA Kecho Anderacha, Gera, Jimma


PROCESSING Honey, overnight ferment

PRODUCER Mike Mamo & local producers

FARM Various outcroppers

MILL Telila

OWNER Mike Mamo

ROASTED FOR Espresso & Filter

Floral fragrance, turns to a stonefruit jam aroma when wet. Stone fruits, especially nectarine, and some berry jam throughout, distinct mandarin finish

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