Exibia Sabillon Honey
Exibia Sabillon Honey
Exibia Sabillon Honey
Exibia Sabillon Honey

Exibia Sabillon Honey

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This farm is named after the producer Exibia Sabillons’ (pronounced “Sah-bie-yon”) grandfather, or her Abuelo, in Spanish.

When Exibia began her career as a coffee grower she produced and sold commercial coffee. In 2018, seeing the success of other nearby producers she replaced her Lempira coffee with the Parainema variety across the farm. Parainema was developed in Honduras to combat nematodes which are present in the soil and can destroy the absorbtion of root systems of plants.

For this lot; freshly harvested cherries were transported to the wet mill near Exibia’s house where they were put into plastic bags and fermented for 48 hours. The cherries were then pulped and the mucilage was left intact as the pulped coffee was placed into a solar dryer. The coffee is dried for 18 days, during which the coffee is constantly hand sorted to remove defective beans. This all leads to a remarkably clean cup as every bean roasts very similarly.

Images provided by Ally Coffee


COUNTRY Honduras

AREA Santa Barbara

VARIETAL Parainema


PRODUCER Exibia Sabillon Mejia

FARM Los Abuelos

MILL On site

OWNER Exibia Sabillon Mejia

ROASTED FOR Espresso & Filter

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