Divino Niño
Divino Niño
Divino Niño

Divino Niño

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Honey, caramel & milk chocolate

Roasters note: We purchased this coffee specifically for short espresso & milk based beverages.

Background:  This is our new "house blend" sourced from the famed Osito coffee exporters in Colombia. Traditionally house blends are the cheapest coffees a roaster will buy so with it there is the most risk of exploitation occurring in producing countries. In our view this makes sourcing your house blend more important than any microlot or exotic. We are proud to be one of the first roasters in Australia buying this coffee from such a reputable source,.

Since day one of Osito Coffee they have been working with the group colloquially known as "Divino Niño" in Suaza. Over these 3+ years, this group has grown from 25 producers to over 50.

What makes Osito different from other exporters is that they endeavour to be more forward thinking in their approach to coffee pricing. Most exporters change prices offered to producers on a daily basis, reflecting the commodity market. In contrast, Osito offers prices to producers which are not tethered to the C-market, but rather are based on the history of the relationship and the quality of the coffee. Rather than fluctuating with the market, they endeavour to adjust pricing when factors such as cost of production and cost of living warrant it. Often we offer the same pricing to producers for months at a time, something that is practically unheard of in Colombia.



Santa Clara, San Agustin, Huila



Divino Niño Co-op & ASOCAFOR

Grown at various outcroppers farms

Processed by Osito

Milk Chocolate, peach, nougat, molasses, honey


All images taken by Osito Coffee

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