To us "specialty" coffee is not about score or processing but about removing the anonymity surrounding the coffee we use. We mostly buy single producer coffee so it can be traced back to a name and the coffee generally contains more clarity since the growing and processing conditions are the same. Buying single producer coffee also means providing transparency info is A LOT easier.
For all our coffees we display as much pricing information as we can! What varies the level of info is contracts, chain of custodies, whether they're paid for green coffee or parchment, and producing and exporting parties consenting to revealing their margins.


Current Offerings:

Decaf La Mina: waiting on consent/info from supply chain

Murage AA: $18.75AUD/Kg to Producer (Farmgate)

Finca Aurora: $12.73AUD/Kg to Exporter/Producer (same entity) (FOB)

La Guitarra: $12.85AUD/Kg to Exporter (FOB)

Montalvo Passiflora: waiting on consent/info from supply chain for 2020 crop

Gachiru AA: $16.55AUD/Kg (Farmgate)


An exporter we love is Cedro Alto Coffee they have a good video below about why the prices above are only the beginning of the story.

This is also a link to their basic level transparency report. We get all our Colombian coffee from them.

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